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What's new in the Music World

My favorite subject: new music!!!!

I have some bands I think everyone would be interested in, most of which are lovely Floridian bands!

Lately, there hasn't been much coming out when it comes to great music. But what has made it out into the mainstream music scene is great. Here are some bands you should look out for:

: This band is utterly amazing. They're hometown hero's down here (along with Hey Monday) who have gone big and are getting noticed. Versa is defined by lead singer Sierra, guitarist/vocalist/programmer Blake, lead guitarist Jerry, bassist Devin, and drummer Anthony. Keep a close eye on this band; they just got signed to Fueled By Ramen Records!!

Vega Under Fire: These boys know how to move a crowd. VUF is one of my favorite South Florida bands from the gulf coast. These Naples boys won't fail you when it comes to making good music and putting on a good show! Check them out; their CD's Life Of The Party and Hello are currently availible on iTunes (Hello is also on Smartpunk; LOTP in their merch store.).
(buy that purple shirt, I have it and its so awesome)

: Their name means Ten 13 Concept, but that really doesn't matter. They make some crazy cool music; it's alternative music inspired by ska with the help of synths. Sound crazy? It is. Trust me when I say that they're amazing!  

Madelyn: They're one of my fav local bands. I fell in love with them when they played their cover of Kanye West's Stronger when they opened for Cartel a little over a year ago. They're currently missing a few members, but they still own.

The Vettes: I love bands with female lead singers. It's very empowering. The Vettes lead singer Rachel is a cool chick; her, along with the rest of the amazing New Orleans natives that make up the band rock out with their crazy alternative/new wave music.

The Absentee Ballot: Even though they honestly don't look like they'd be a great band (looks are important, you have to admit) they make some great music. And I'm not just endorsing them because I happen to sort of know the kid who designed one of their new tee shirts. Seriously, check them out. You may like them.

Select Start: Okay, they just rock. End of freaking story.

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